(Available from 11:30am)


Tasting Bruschetta ($18.95)
Roasted roma tomato, Sicilian olives and feta cheese.
Smoked Salmon, avocadeo, baby capers and red onion.
Antipasto and mixed vegetables with fig reduction.
Crispy Squid ($18.95)
Served with soft polenta, fresh dill, fried onion, fresh cherry tomato finished with juvenille pesto and lemon wedge.
Fried Cauliflower ($16.95)
Served with hummus puree, coriander and onion salsa.
Classic Aranchini Di Riso ($16.90)
Pumpkin, button mushroom, smoked cheese served with aioli sauce.
Baked Sweet Potato ($15.95)
With chilli beans, smashed avocado and rocket finidshed with Greek yoghurt. (GF)
Classic Pumpkin Soup ($12.95)
Served with sour cream, our signature bread and roasted pumpkin seeds.
All Day Bacon & Eggs ($17.95)
Fried eggs, bacon and sourdough toast.
Sweet Potato Chips ($11.95)
Served with paprika aioli


Cheesy Bacon Fries (15.95)
Thick cut fries with bacon and melted mozarella topped with aioli.
Mixed Salad ($5.95)
Fries with Aioli ($8.95)
Signature Roasted Potatoes ($8.95)

Served on our Tuscan ciabatta bread with a side of our signature roasted potato.

Shredded Wagyu Brisket ($17.95)
Slow cooked shredded BBQ Wagyu brisket, smoked cheese, cooked tomato and onion.
Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($17.95)
Guacamole, red onion, capers, melted cheese with tomato and cucumber salsa
Mortadella Olive Ham ($17.95)
With sliced tomato, thinkly sliced green olives and melted buffallo mozzarella cheese.
Chicken & Avocado ($16.95)
Our marinated chicken breast, smashed avocado, sliced sun dried tomatoes and tasty sliced cheese.
American Pulled Pork ($17.95)
Slow roasted pulled pork, fresh coleslaw and aioli sauce.


Fregola Halloumi ($21.95)
Fregola pasta, grilled halloumi cheese, cherry tomato, sliced cucumber, red onion, chick peas and rocket finished with a lemon and pesto dressing.
Chicken Quinoa ($21.95)
Grilled chicken tenderloins, mixed quinoa, rocket, carrot ribbons, cherry tomatoes, feta and almond flakes finished with lemon dressing.
Cavolo Nero ($23.95)
Organic tuscan kale, mixed quina, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, roasted yams, red onion, pita chips and fresh mint tossed in a pomegranate vinaigrette.
Grilled Moroccan Lamb ($24.95)
With roasted pumpkin, cous cous, beetroot, baby spinach with miny and coriander dressing.
Caesar Salad ($19.95)
With cos lettuce, eggs, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and home made dressing.
Add Chicken $4.00 | Add Salmon $5.00
Vegan Salad ($21.95)
Slow cooked roasted pumpkin, roasted beetroot, rocket, sliced cucumber, carrot ribbons, chickpeas with lemon dressing.

All served on a milk bun with rosemary salted chips and smokey BBQ sauce

Chef's Special ($24.95)
Crumbed veal bacstrap, button mushrooms, fresh roma tomato, tasty sliced cheese and aioli sauce
Cheeseburger ($20.95)
Grassfed beff patty with bacon, aged cheddar, caramelised onions, mixed greens, tomato, pickles and house sauce.
Chicken Schnitzel ($21.95)
Served with sliced tomato, mixed greens, tasty sliced cheese, caramelised onion and sweet chilli mayo.
Pork Burger ($20.95)
BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw and aioli sauce.
Shredded Wagyu Brisket ($21.95)
Served with fresh tomato, mushrooms, caramelised onion, rockt and smokey BBQ sauce.


Pasta Di Palmero ($24.95)
Diced chicken tenderloins and snow peas, diced bacon and mushroom, tossed with fettucine pasta in a light creamy pesto sauce.
Fettucine Gamberi ($25.95)
Marinated chilli prawns, dried cherry tomato, brown onion in napolitana sauce with fresh basil and garlic.
Chicken & Mushroom Risotto ($24.95)
With Italian mixed mushrooms, diced chicken, green shallots with a creamy pesto sauce.
Roasted Pumpkin Risotto ($23.95)
Pumpkin puree, roasted pine nuts and brown onion topped with goast cheese and dried cranberries.
Asian Fried Rice Noodle ($23.95)
Pork belly, prawns, bean sprouts, garlic, sliced onion and curry powder finished with soy and oyster sauce.
Wagyu Brisket Risotto ($25.95)
Shredded wagyu brisket cooked in beef stock with white onion and mushrooms finished with beef stock and a side of bone marrow.
Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese ($21.95)


Scotch Fillet 350g ($33.95)
Served with roasted potato and creamy mushroom sauce (GF)
Grilled Barramundi ($35.95)
Served with Fregola pasta, cherry tomatoes, crispy kale and fresh mint, finished with a touch of lemon butter sauce.
Chicken Schnitzel ($23.95)
Served with thick cut fries, salad and mushroom sauce.
Battered Flathead ($25.95)
Served with thick cut fries, salad, wedge of lemon and aioli sauce.
Veal Schnitzel ($31.95)
Served on top of roasted potato, finished with mushroom sauce and creamy cucumber garnish.
Beef Nachos ($24.95)
Served with chilli beans topped woth mozzarella cheese, guacamole and sour cream.
BBQ Short Ribs ($29.95)
Served with roast potato and fried onion.

3 Level Lunch Special ($65.00) (Served 2 -3 people)
Cavolo Nero Salad
Chicken and Mushroom Risotto
Fettucini Gamberi


Kids Fish & Chips ($14.00)
Kids Chicken Schnitzel & Chips ($14.00)
Kids Cheeseburger & Chips ($14.00)
*Includes meal and ice cream with sprinkles