(Available from 9am - 11:30am)

Raisin Toast ($7.95)
Served with butter and strawberry jam.
Banana Bread ($6.95)
Served with cinnamon butter and crushed walnuts.
Classic Nutella French Toast ($14.95)
Fresh strawberries, Canadian maple syrup and icing sugar.
Watermelon & Granola ($14.95)
Served with Greek yoghurt, Almond milk and Honey Drizzle
Baked Pancakes ($15.95)
Served with Canadian maple syrup, Mixed berries and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Smashed Sydney Eggs ($18.50)
Smashed boiled eggs, roasted potato and diced bacon with aioli and chives with tomato relish and our signature sourdough toast.
Baked Potato ($17.95)
Served with bacon, mozzarella cheese, fried eggs, dried cherry tomatoes and sourdough toast.
Za'tar Style Brekafast ($20.95)
Grilled halloumi, tomato and cucumber salsa, roasted pine nuts, over easy eggs, sweet baby capsicum, labni puree and served on Za'tar bread.
Sicilian Breakfast ($18.95)
Baked with chilli napolitano sauce, smokey cheese, olives, poached eggs and a side of sourdough toast.
Rustic London Breakfast ($21.95)
Bacon, fried eggs, grilled tomato, pork sausage, fried mushrooms, baked beans, roast potato and sourdough toast.
Chef's Vegetarian Breakfast ($21.95)
Fresh baby spinach, sweet potato and corn fritter, poached eggs, fresh sliced tomato, smashed avocado, baby capsicum with a side of sourdough toast.
Three Slider Benedict ($19.95)
Served on English muffin and topped with hollandaise sauce with crispy parma ham, fresh baby spinach, smoked salmon and dried cherry tomatoes.
Smashed Avocado ($17.95)
Poached eggs, feta cheese, dried cherry tomatoes and chia seeds served on our signature sourdough toast with fresh baby spinach.
Our Signature Breakfast Roll ($16.95)
Crispy bacon, over easy eggs, American cheese and hash browns.
Vegetarian Omlette ($19.95)
Mushroom, baby spinach and Buffalo mozzarella cheese served on sourdough toast. (V)
Bacon & Eggs Any Style ($14.95)
Served on our signature sourdough toast with spicy tomato relish.
Eggs On Toast ($11.95)
Cooked to your liking with our signature sourdough toast.

SIDES ($4.00)
Smashed avocado, Roast tomato with sea salt and herbs, Pork sausage, Sauteed brown mushrooms, Hash brown.
Gluten Free Bread ($3.00)


Our baked pancakes.
Chef's choice of seasonal fruit and Greek yoghurt.
Bacon, fried eggs, grilled otmato, pork sausage, fried mushrooms, baked beans, roast potato and our signature sourdough toast.